We offer the following free with your rental, you just need to let us know how many you want each - either at check out or by emailing planning@blacksford.com

  • Camp Chairs
  • Sleeping bags (in addition to bedding)
  • Camp Mats

The following we charge nominally for:

  • Yeti 65 Cooler - $12/day
  • GoPro Hero7 - $15/day
  • GoPro Fusion - $20/day
  • Bear Spray (2 pack) - $60
  • Camp Stove - $10/day
  • 4 person tent - $12/day
  • 1UP Double Bike Rack - $10/day - you can rent bikes at Gallatin Alpine Sports (www.gallatinalpinesports.com) and they will deliver to us at the airport.

If there are any special requests you need we will make every attempt to fill any requests - just email planning@blacksford.com

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