In each city, every member gets access to 2020 View, Porto/Vita's and Revels.  Each person is allowed to have one reservation on the books between 7 and 30 days.  Official rules are here in our Club Agreement.  Each reservation includes:

  • Unlimited Miles
  • Unlimited Generator Usage
  • Kitchen kits - plates, bowls, cups, coffee cup, coffee maker/filters, basic kitchen utensils, fry pan, sauce pan 
  • Bath kits - bath, face and hand towels for each person - we don't have beach towels
  • Full LP, for vehicles with LP
  • Full tank of diesel fuel
  • Full fresh water tank
  • Empty gray and black water tanks

Each reservation is subject to the following:

  • daily insurance fee
  • applicable taxes (on your membership fee) based on the location
  • Gray/Black water dump fees which can be pre-paid at time of rental 
  • Fuel charges when not returned full

Questions?  Email us at

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