First lets cover what's not:

  • Insurance - you need to get insurance and provide proof of insurance at least 30 days prior.  Many insurance companies will need a VIN prior to binding and we will have that once you provide your down payment (60 days prior to delivery slot).  If this isn't done, we will procure insurance and add to your monthly payments
  • Service and Non-Covered Warranty items which are Service A (10,000 Miles) and B (20,000 miles) which need to be done at certified Mercedes Service Point which is usually a dealer or a Freightliner service point.  The Mercedes is fully covered by warrant for 3 years or 36,000 miles.  Winnebago has a 12 month, 12,000 mile limited warrant.  Winnebago for warranty items needs to be done at a Winnebago Service Facility which is normally a Winnebago dealer.  NOTE: its can often take weeks to get in and can take a long time to get repair.  If you are not getting service from Winnebago or Mercedes please contact us and we will help as much as possible.  
  • Items that caused by negligence or improper use

What you get at delivery:

  • Fully Fueled, clean and ready to go RV.
  • Full fresh water and empty grey/black tanks
  • Full DEF and Washer Fluid
  • Full orientation of your RV and review of all service items that are your responsibility
  • 2000 miles per month, you can pre pay prior to delivery for extra miles

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